Wonderful Tourist Attraction places of Mingun

If you are happy to travel around the world, we would like to invite and suggest to go Mingun City. It is located at the Sagaing Division in Myanmar. We can give grantee for the wonderful feeling in that trip. You can go there by land and by river. If you choose by river, you have to rive the boat along the Ayeyarwwaddy River and a little spend more time by land. But the feeling is great.

The highlight tour attractive places are Mingun Phahto (Mingun Pagoda), Mingun Bell, Hsinbyume or Myatheindan pagoda.
Mingun Phahto (Mingun Pagoda) – It is one of the world famous and largest building by King Bodawphayar. The view of landscape of Irrawaddy River are very wonderful and fresh on this Mingun Pahto. But nowadays, the board of Pagoda trustee restrict not to allow to upstairs of the top of Pagoda because some place of pagoda area was destroyed by 1839 Earthquake.
Mingun Bell – It was made by bronze and it is the world largest Bronze Bell and the largest bell in Myanmar. The bell weight is about 55555 Viss (90,718 in kilograms or 199,999 in pounds). Local people noted the weight of it like Min Hpyu Hman Hman Pyaw.

Hsinbyume or Myatheindan pagoda- It is one of the incredible detail hand art of Myanmar architect. The most favorite place not only for photographer but also for tourists. The origin builder is King Alung Sithu and renovated by King Bodaw Phayar and his daughter Sin Phyu Ma Shin Princess. It is the biggest Pogoda in this region. One of the amazing things is local guide children who are very expert in taking the photos. You can learn the creative idea of Myanmar ancient King and the hand art of his architect. It was built with seven-layer waves. This pagoda is famous for the amazing photos landscape among the word of tourist. Do not miss this chance if you have a plan to go to Myanmar.