Amazing Golden Bridge and Vietnam Halong Bay Sightseeing

The golden Bridge of Vietnam is famous across the Sout East Asia. It is 150-metre-long (490 in feet) and it is a type of pedestrian bridge on the Bà Nà Hills. This bridge was very hot new among the tourist.
Although it was opening ceremony on last 2018 June, but it is very popular and world famous within the short period because of the art of the architect and amazing landscape and wonderful nature of Bà Nà Hills. The Ba Na Hill was famous as the city of Heaven. Most of people and traveler blogger trope the BaNa Hill forgot to go back home.

Why people love walking on the Golden Bridge?
Sometime, the bridge was very close with cloud, people feel they are going to touch with cloud. It is look like a perfect painting, amazing landscape of Bà Nà Hills and amazing beautiful cloud and amazing art of architect.
While you go to the Ba Na Hill, you will feel the influence of Europe nature by riding the cable car. You can see castle with the Frances’ art, the European design buildings, park and beautiful playground and beautiful statue.

Another tourist attraction of Vietnam is amazing Halong Bay by riding the swan cruise. This halong bay is popular destination of Vietnam and Hạ Long means “descending dragon”. There are thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various shapes and sizes are very attractive for tourist. This Halong Bay with full of nature that why it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beautiful green range of mountain surrounded the bay is unforgettable feeling and nature sense of that I have ever seen.
You can choose the cruise package as day return ticket or day and night package. We would like to suggest you that if you have a chance, you should go around Halong Bay with cruise with day and night package.