Why Nyaung Oo Phee Island for Romance Couple?

It is famous as the Honeymoon Bay of Southern Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar. You can go to there by land or by flight. It is one of the tourist attractions islands of Mergui Archipelago because of the nature setting change people feeling as romance setting. Very quiet and fresh up air are helpful for health and escape the stress of daily life. So not only couple, but also traveler and people who need to rest should go there and relax. The local name is Nyaung Oo Phee Island which is represent for one of the Myanmar Hero.

Although the way of flight is comfort for traveler, the author like by land because we think we can see the nature setting along the highway road with green field, blue range mountain, blue sea is like as the perfect painting. Some tourist come from Thailand side by crossings the border Ranong Saphan Pla Pier to Kawthaung.
Naung Oo Phee Island is a little far from Kawthaung, so you need to ride the speed boat for nearly two hours. There is day return package, one-night package and two-night package. We would like to suggest that if you have a pleasure time, you should buy two-night package with your honey.

People well know Maldives because of its’ crystal sea, like the Maldives our Naung Oo Phee Island’s water color is crystal. How is the crystal sea, you can see the beautiful sea fish while you riding the boat? The next amazing feeling is doing the snorkeling. Beautiful corals and colorful sea fisher are very match to gaze in the underground of sea.
The next amazing feeling is staying and relaxing into the tent. There has no aircon, but the fresh air and the sound of the sea are making you to new feeling of the world. This island make you to bring the unforgettable feeling in your life.