Toward the World-famous Cambodia- Siem Reap

Cambodia, which is one of the south east Asian countries with full of the Khmer past history and the capital city is Phnom Penh. The famous tourist attraction of Cambodia is Angkor Wat Temple which is the hand art of Khmer people with massive stones and also the heart of Khmer people.
This Angkor Wat Temple is landmark of religious building in Cambodia and it is listed as the world largest religious monument. THE 7TH WONDER OF THE ANCIENT WORLD) ANGKOR WAT TEMPLE and it is the central area of temple of Cambodia. The meaning of Angkor wat is the city of temples. Firstly, Khmer people aim for the Hindu temples and after 12 century, it changes to Buddha temples. The wide of Angkor Wat is 500 Acres and 30 years spent to built the temples. The amazing thing of Angkor Wat is too narrow steps, although the temple is very big.

Angkor Thom Temple – It was built by Khmer people in early 12th century. Generally called it as “Great City” of Khmer Empire. Jayavarman VII built it and he make a statue of people who are loser of his fights. According the word of mouth history, King of Jayavarman VII is trope bridegroom by himself and named to the city as Bridge. It was distance 1.7 Kilometers from Angkor Wat’s entrance.
Ta Phrom Temple – Tomb Raider Temple – which is famous for huge bayan trees and other huge trees. One of the best photos taking places of Cambodia.
Phnom Bakheng – the best place to see the sunset of Cambodia which is located at the south entrance of Angkor Thom and on the Bakheng Hills. You have to walk for 20 minutes to reach at the peak of the hill and we would like to suggest that you should go there early before evening because of you have to queue and limit the visitors list. Above those places are you should visit while you are in Cambodia.