Train to Bagan (2019 UNESCO World Heritage)

Bagan, which is the ancient kingdom city of Myanmar and located at the tropical area. Tourist can go there by Coach, Flight and Train. If you want to travel by ship, firstly you have to go Mandalay, and the cruise through along the Ayeyarwaddy River.
If you have time, we would like to suggest with train. You will get wonderful feeling and see the fresh nature along the journey. It may be ride for nearly 18 hours from Yangon Railway Station from Bagan Railway station. Please note for the train ticket, you have to buy before 3 days ahead of your departure date. Regular ticket fees are 4500 MMK and the special ticket fees are 12000 M MK with bed stand.

The view of the nature landscape of tropical area, plum tree field and plot of farmland are making to feel refresh from the daily stress and relax to your mind. There are many suitable prices for foods on the train. You will arrive on Bagan Railway station around 12:00 AM.
We would like to suggest you, if you love the nature and travel, you should visit with Tuk Tuk (Local name) which is taxi and for learn the culture of Bagan and hand art of building what you want with Ebike. You can visit through the small lane with Ebike.
Pagodas to visit in Bagan
The famous pagodas in Bagan are such as proverb “Powerful in Shwe Zi Gone Pagoda, Amazing Architect in Ananda Pagod a, Amazing bulkiness in Damayangyi Pagoda and Amazing High in Thabinyu Pagoda”
Local people who believed that if they can go and pray those four pagodas within one day before afternoon, their whish will full but have to wish the same wish in each pagoda.
The next thing is seeing the sunset in Bagan. The Bagan’s sunset includes one of the beautiful sunset view in the world. The wonderful activity is riding the hot air balloon on the Bagan Sky. It will take you amazing feeling.