Beloved Putao City surround with Ice Mountains

It is located at the northern state of Myanmar, if you want to build unforgettable memories in your whole life, you have to visit there. Very pleasure with cool weather and in wonder landscape are one of the points of tourist highlight place. The meaning of Putao is “Old man waiting mountain”.

The green range mountains and Maykha River and Malikha River are decorating the Putao city. It was located the 1429 feet of sea level. Border with Hunan state of China in East, North in Tibet, West in Naga Hills, India. You can visible Mt Hkakabo Razi and other snow-capped mountains from Putao.
In the Putao District, there are Kawnglanghpu, Machanbaw , Nogmung and Sumprabum Township. The main crops are paddy, Grapefruit, honey and Machit Fruits. The famous places are Hlaing Pagoda, the Malikyidee Bridge, Machanbaw Bridge, Dragon Mountain and Nat Kyun or small Island.

There are many natures setting without destroy because it is not only far but also arduous so visitor rear to reach there. The summer is the suitable weather to go there because of ice mountains. Almost of all visitor are hiking, eco travel and interest for nature floral such specie of Orchids and plants.
The famous place is confluence of river (Maykha and Malikha junction) and it is very good-looking view. The bridge of Myanmar – Irrawaddy River start flow from northern Kachin State. If you have a plan to visit to Putao, we would like to recommend to stay at Ma Li Kha lodge hotel which is the best of Putao and you can see the whole city of beauty from there. The hotel decoration and setting make match with nature. Putao Trekking House with cozy style with wooden house at the hill. Being built on the hill, you can see the field, farm and green mountain. Unforgettable memories in your life.