Hidden Treasure or Turkey

If people ask which country is wonderful and amazing for traveler, we would like to recommend for the Turkey which is located between both of the Asia and Europe that why people trope it as East Meets West. You can learn about the ancient culture of people who are last 2000 years ago and the amazing architecture of those people and nature setting and landscape of the city.

One of the amazing of Turkey is listed 17 places for UNESCO world heritage sites so people says wow for amazing. Travel blogger called Turkey as Photogenic Country. Turkey has no 6 in world visit countries and 35 million of tourist per year. Turkey hot air ballooning sense is world number one list. According the proverb, try to be a local, you should try their culture and costume.
We cannot exchange everything for the feeling of drinking coffee by seeing and gazing the amazing art for over thousands of years ago. To drink world famous Turkish Tea with beloved and Turkish tea was listed in world heritage sites and you can guess the taste of it. Turkish Bath which is the Turkey traditional bath and very famous and popular not only among the tourist but also over the world. You should not miss to stay at the Cave Hotel which is one of the famous icons of Turkey and one of the world-famous hotels. Thinking by walking on the ancient Greece city how about the grandeur.

Do not miss to try Shish-a (Turkish traditional beverage) and the feeling of gazing to the street by drinking Shish-a is wonderful and newest feeling. Turkey people are very warmly and helpful and they usually used to invite the visitor to their home and serve with their traditional Turkish Tea.
You should not miss to see the sun rise in Cappadocia which is the most beautiful hot air ballooning sun rise sense in the world.