Dubai Desert Activities Culture for Tourist

Most of people well known Dubai as one of the richest capital cities in the world. Dubai is the capital city of UAE. It is one of the expensive countries to travel in East Asian countries.
How is the attractive of Dubai is start from the airport? Mostly all of the buildings of Dubai are very attractive with creative design and architect. It is highly developed rate country in Asia.
The first attractive thing is the neat and tidy costume, although Dubai is very developed country, but the people are kept and valued for their costumes. Normally men wear white traditional gown and women wear black traditional gown and the costumes are covered nearly the whole body. Dubai people are very beautiful people with great skin like gold skin and their eye and too dark and very attractive than the other people. Let we talk about to the desert.

You can feel free to ride whatever motorcycle or Electric Bike what you ride around the desert. This activity is very exciting one and another amazing attractive activity is called Desert’s land cruiser.
You can drive about 30 minutes around the desert what you want like go to the hill of desert and go down to the desert. If you can not drive or you do not want to drive, the driver takes and drive with you. It was very exciting and amazing experiences under the desert’s wave.
Next feeling is riding the desert camel with new feeling. Although desert camel skin will rough, but the skin is very soft and comfort to the rider.
The dinner at the desert camp with International Buffet, this is very delicious with unforgettable memories. The hand paint which is the traditional culture of Dubai, mostly tourist tried it and the hand paint art is one of the tour attractions in Dubai Desert Trip. If you will plan to Dubai in 2020, you should try the desert tour for amazing and exciting memories in your life.