Tourist Attractive Handicraft Burmese marionettes

There are each culture and traditional handicraft in every country, among them the Burmese marionettes are one of the famous one. It was called as Myanmar Traditional Puppet and Yoke Thay in Burmese. The special area of Burmese marionettes is Mandalay especially in Bagan.
Bagan is the highlight of Myanmar and one of the popular tour destinations of Myanmar, because of it was the ancient city of Myanmar. There are famous with old ancient Building and Pagoda and Bagan was listed World UNESCO Listed in 2019.

Myanmar Puppet is one of the entertainment arts for Royal Family in ancient time. This is very interesting not only the tourist but also for the local people.
Burmese marionettes were made by special wooden with every pull, twist, swing, whirl and shake. There are 25 type in Burmese marionettes such as King, Prince, Princess, Prince, Nat votaress, Horse, Elephant, Tiger, Monkey, Parrot, Alchemist, Minister, Regent Brahmin, Hermit Nat Deva, Old man, Old woman and Buffoon.
The raw materials of Traditional Burmese Puppets are wood and after that the technician carved the wood according the 28 types. And then polished with traditional lacquer and then paint according the characters. After that they dress on those puppets. It may nearly twenty days for processing from raw to finish puppets. After that the technician need to string with special sting to every joint. Because the Burmese puppets are control with string by the performer. The puppets can paly like the human depend on the performer.
Burmese Puppets show is very attractive for tourist. The show usually starts on night and it was called A Nyaint Thabin (Burmese Name), no need to big stage and enough small stage. The instruments of Burmese Puppets show are traditional orchestra and narrators. The orchestra paly the music and melody according the scene and the narrator speak according the scene. The puppets player string and play according the word of narrator. This show is very attraction for people and traveler.