Historical places of Asia

This time is nearly change from end to new year in the world, so people are preparing and choosing the place to celebrating the count down party in local and other countries. If you are a traveler and you have a plan to visit to Asia, these countries are very attractive and you can get the different tourism experience.
Asia, it has many historic and traditional cultural countries such Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippine, India and Bhutan. Those countries are famous for their culture, their historical evidence, their nature resource. So, if you like both travelling and ancient historic culture, you should go to visit those countries.

Thailand – The highest tourist popular country in South East Asia, it receives high tourism taxes from all over the tourist. The government also supporting for the tourism field. There is many historical building, grand places, emerald pagoda, Monasteries, pagodas, and the remains of temples till now.
Cambodia which is famous for it huge buddha and temple with the amazing art of Kamer race. Angkor Wat which is the ideal historical landmark of Cambodia and famous of the architecture and huge bayan tree are also attractive and ancient monasteries are also.
Myanmar which is famous for its ancient city Bagan that is listed UNESCO on 2019 because of the wonderful hand art and sculpture and architecture. It was the city of Kingdom and there are thousands of Pagodas, Temples, monasteries.
India – one of the most UNESCO side listed countries and world wonder 7 , Taj mahal, Harmandir Sahib which is not only the historic place of India but also the best architecture design.
Bhutan which is the famous as one of the peaceful countries in the world. Till today, there are King and his wife and it is one of the smallest countries and the people are staying together with peacefully. Tiger’s Nest Temple is highlight of Bhutan and historic landmark of Bhutan.
So, if you are ready for new year trip, we suggest you these historic places of each countries will bring you wonderful New Year.