Library of Congress – World Biggest Library

This is the famous factor for United State of America among the world, because the world biggest library exciting in there. The name is Library of Congress, and there are over 38 million of books and all kinds of book you can find in there. There are Philosophy, History Architecture The law, Science, Mathematics and other many types of book are there. The Romans! Modern innovation; Fossils Agriculture The library located the Washington, D.C of United State of America and it was disclosed in 1800.
At first the library at the parliament building of USA with 740 books during the president Jefferson’s time. Now the age of the library is over 210 years old. During the war between American and British, the three hundred of book was destroyed by British soldiers by burning. The library was enough for this nightmare destroy; the books were destroyed the big fire case in 1851. It was lost nearly two third of total 35000 books were burned and turn to smoke.

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Nowadays, there has 38 million books are there and the handwriting masterpiece books are over 70 million, over 14 million for images, over 5.5 million for Map and other types of book. The biggest book of the Congress is 5 into 7 feet book which is about the country of Bhutan. In this library compound, there are three buildings, there are Thomas Jefferson Building, John Adams Building and James Madison Building. People can choose the type of book and countries of book with easily because of great arrangement you don’t have to pay the all the Library of Congress’ buildings with entered free of charge.
You can taste the world culture, history, invention, technology and other by reading in Library of Congress. So it is the highlight of USA and the library make the auspicious and improve famous for America in the world