Travel to Bangkok Wildlife Safari

Adventure trip experiences of Bangkok, the Wildlife Safari located at the Chiang Mai of Bangkok, this city is the tourist attractive destination of Bangkok.

The name of Safari is Chiang Mai Night Safari and it was opened on February 6, 2006. Most of the tourist usually travel to this zoo while they are in Bangkok.

Guests can see the natural activities of clever wildlife animal in this zoo by riding the zoo’s cart and they can see the elephants, hippopotamus, bison, white rhinoceros and giraffes.

Don’t worry for the safety, they are well trained and security and CCTV are checking for every guest to be secure. You can learn the behavior Bear, smooth-coated otter, porcupine, wild boar, hyenas, tigers, lions.

There are many animals show and Night Predators Show, Creatures of the Night Show and The Tiger Show are very attractive for visitor. You should go together with you family especially with kids, they will learn the culture of wildlife animal.