Private Or Public? What You Need To Know When Choosing A School

You want what’s best for your child. This means choosing between public schools and private schools. Here is what you need to know from Niche: The College Search App.

Niche recommends finding the best private schools and best public schools by going online to use a tool like Niche to help find reviews and rankings of schools in a particular area. Find apps or websites that have reviews from real parents.

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Private schools cost a lot of money. You need to be sure you can afford it. If you are determined to give your child a religious education, then private schools are your only option. There may not be busing to the private school you are thinking of sending your child to. If there is, the busing may take more than an hour each way, as buses tend to have to go to more than one private school. Figure out the cost of transportation if an overly long bus trip is out of the question. Would you have the time to drive the child to and from school if no public transportation was available?

Another factor to consider is class size. Larger classes mean less attention to each student. Private schools tend to have smaller class sizes than public schools.

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