How are Stone Slabs Made?

Stone slabs make up many things in the fine home improvement world. They can be used in decorative fountains, luxury countertops, and even high-end showers. Obviously, marble is a naturally occuring mineral in the earth, so how does it get all the way to the perfect square countertops we see in many luxury homes? Well, the process is not only quite astounding, it is also incredibly aesthetically pleasing! This video gives us the rundown on how marble slabs come from the earth and into your home.

Marble stone slabs are brought into the processing center in humongous blocks, which will eventually be cut into perfect slabs. Each giant block is cleaned and reinforced with a glue on 5 sides, so the marble doesn’t break during the cutting process.

Video Source

A huge overhead machine is used to slice the marble perfectly into sheets that are usually 1.8 centimeters, 2 centimeters, or 3 centimeters. From here, each individual stone slab is covered in an epoxy and mesh in order to add a stunning finish to the stone. They are then put into a dryer and given a final polish.


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