A Day in the Life of Directional Drilling Experts

Have you ever wondered what spending a day as a directional drilling professional entails? It can be a busy, complicated day filled with tasks most people are unaware of. However, directional drilling is one of the most complex but enjoyable activities. A day spent with the underground drilling experts can be a rare experience you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

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As these services are offered worldwide, experts can spend days or weeks away from home. Since the work involves operating heavy machinery, they usually eat heavily before and after the day’s work.

These drilling experts install fiber optic, gas, electrical, and other underground cables. Jobs, at times, can be challenging because these experts work in weird environments like thorny bushes or mosquito-infested areas. However, they often use excavators to make a trench on the marked points, making the job much easier in the process.

Afterward, they drill a pilot borehole along the predetermined bore path. The hole is later enlarged following the path made by the pilot bore. These experts call it back reaming. Ultimately, these professionals have a fun life too. Despite the tough day at work, they can put a smile on their faces knowing they offered their best work and accomplished a full day of challenging work.


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