How to Prepare Before Your Busy 3 Month Asia Itinerary

Did you know that Asia is the world’s largest continent? With 51 countries, this continent should be on every backpacker’s bucket list. Asia is a continent full of culture, friendly people, and a wealth of attractions. The landscapes are spectacular, and it is home to some of the oldest monuments in human history. Asia is a vast continent with more than half the global population. It stretches over 11,000 kilometers, has two of the most highly populated countries (India and China), and is home to the highest mountain on the planet.

These fascinating facts keep coming. Apart from the famous Himalayan mountains, Asia has the world’s largest freshwater lake and some of the largest capitals. It is a mouth-watering prospect for thrill seekers and is an area that will keep you busy throughout your travels. If you are planning a trip to Asia, it’s nearly guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed. From the vast network of beaches to the towering mountains, this continent boasts some of the most majestic landscapes in the world. It’s a place that offers a little something for everyone. Whether you want a quiet night on the beach or a hike up the Himalayas, Asia is the place to be.

Asia provides rich cuisine and a wealth of local talent. Unlike other areas, this continent has incredible flavors extracted from a diverse network of cultural and historical cuisines. From Thailand to China, these rich dishes are mouth-watering and memorable. You can sample traditional Vietnamese or have some next-level sushi on the Japanese islands. This area defines fine dining at the peak of its powers. Consider that up to 60% of the world’s population lives within the confines of the Asian continent. You are looking at more than 4.5 billion friendly souls. The people are fascinating, and their culture is diverse. In some cultures, a local will walk you to your destination and ensure you get there before returning to their business. It is a culture riddled with good-hearted people with a fondness for humanity.

Asia is the epitome of rich and diverse culture. It has a history filled with beautiful monuments that are still tremendous attractions today. They have a variety of wildlife that cannot be found anywhere in the world. Rare species such as the Bengal tiger, clouded leopard, and the Draco lizard are only a few of the native species you may see on your travels. It also has a vast number of bird and fish species. Most of these species are endangered, making them a sight for sore eyes. The continent is breathtaking, the people are friendly, and the stay won’t put a hole in your pocket. It is the ideal adventure destination for backpackers and fun lovers.

Facts About Backpacking in Asia

Asia provides the perfect blend between peaceful country sides and exciting cities. With a 3 month Asia itinerary, you will experience the best of both worlds. Think about the thrills of the Lang Kwai Fong district in Hong Kong or the tranquil open spaces of the Japanese countryside. All these destinations will make your stay fulfilling and eventful. As you traverse through Asia, some facts will catch your attention.

Contrary to popular belief, Asia is a metropolis. It has beautiful cities such as Singapore, with a building designed and inspired by popular movies like Star Wars. Many cities also offer Western cuisine in most of their restaurants. Most countries in this continent are cheap to visit and provide top-tier services at cost-friendly rates. Some western practices like gambling are illegal in countries like Japan and China. For backpackers, it is critical to understand the local culture before visiting Asia.

There are a few things you should know before planning a 3 month Asia itinerary. The first piece of advice is to specify what you want. Remember that this is the largest continent, so you must be specific with travel arrangements. Research the best places for adventure or tranquillity, depending on your needs. It is also critical to have all the necessary visa and vaccine requirements. The cultures are different in various areas. Ensure you are appraised of the principles and practices of each society before you make the journey. The weather is also a bit shifty. Do some due diligence and plan your trip around the climatic conditions.

Plan to Hitch a Ride

This is the most effective mode of transport for budget travelers. Most people in Asia are friendly and will openly give you a ride to your destination. There is an airport transportation service in most international terminals-so reaching the location won’t be a problem. Hitch-hiking is an adventure that you don’t want to miss. It can be a unique way to meet new people and make memories. South East Asia is an excellent place to start for new travelers and is one of the most tourist-friendly areas in the region. You can hitch a ride on a truck or any car that comes your way. This region has several hospitable and friendly drivers on back roads. Hitch-hiking is a great way to see the countryside and experience beautiful landscapes.

Learn the Law

Different Asian countries have varying laws. You can’t chew gum in Singapore or wear non-gendered clothing in Malaysia. You also can’t step on money in Thailand or splash water on pedestrians in Japan. These are countries with strict laws punishable by jail time. Some of these laws may seem a bit extreme but remember that you are in a different society. As a backpacker, you must be aware of the relevant laws and ensure you follow them. You may need a lawyer to help you disseminate local laws and understand the codes of conduct when traveling to a specific Asian country. Note that laws differ substantially in different Asian countries. What is acceptable in one state may be outlawed in another. It is advisable to research the local laws before drawing up your 3 month Asia itinerary. Be thorough in this process to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Give Your Finances a Second Look

While Asia has some of the most pocket-friendly destinations, it is advisable to ensure you plan your finances adequately. Three months is a long time to be in a foreign region. It requires plenty of proper planning and financial liquidity. Even the most notoriously affordable destination can cause a dilemma without adequate planning. This area is perfect for budget travel. You can have a fulfilling holiday experience whether you are just out of college or are an avid thrill seeker. There are plenty of activities and historical monuments you can visit with a few hundred dollars. The currency in most Asian countries favors the dollar. When budgeting, ensure you book your flight in advance to get the best rates. Also, research budget locations to ensure your stay is as cost-effective as possible. Most places cost between $15 to $20 a night, but you can pay as little as six dollars if you do your research. You may need bookkeeping services to ensure you remain within your budget. Other costs can be mitigated with the right budget plan.

Ensure Your Pet a Place to Stay

There are several pet-friendly locations in Asia. These include Malaysia, Japan, China, and the Philippines. You can also travel to Thailand, Mongolia, and India with pet vaccines and the proper paperwork. Various locations in Singapore are also dog-friendly, although you will have to research specific destinations. Traveling with your pets requires a pet passport and other supporting documents. Documents such as a health certificate and an import permit are also necessary for many countries. Without pet vaccines and relevant documents from pet boarding services, you will not be allowed to enter most Asian countries. Although some countries are not strict on pet laws, it is crucial to ensure you have all these documents ready to avoid any inconvenience.

Check-in With Yourself

Traveling to any country can be tedious and time-intensive. Lengthy travel can have very drastic effects on people with underlying conditions. Tourist crimes are very low in Asia because most countries are strict on controlled substance possession. Research the type of prescription drugs you need for the travel and if they are legal in the places you want to visit. Evaluate your health and whether you are physically fit to make the trip. Your well-being is fundamental in this quest, so ensure you are in top shape. Consult your physician before making the trip to ensure you don’t leave anything to chance. Most countries have strict penalties for offenders, so ensure you stay on the right side of local laws.

Take Care of all Health Matters

The most critical part of this adventure is staying healthy. Stock up on the proper medication and ensure you undergo the required vaccinations. Some of these areas have unforgiving weather, so you need to have sunscreen and pack warm clothes. Ensure you consult a doctor and a dental care expert to get advice on the best medication and the practices necessary to stay healthy. It is advisable to carry hand sanitizer, a first aid kit, and mosquito repellent. Most tourists are not accustomed to the flavor-rich, spicy cuisine in many Asian countries. It is advisable to carry anti-diarrhea medication if you get a sudden attack of food poisoning. Lastly, ensure you stay hydrated, get enough rest and have comprehensive medical cover.

Get International Service

There are no guarantees that your international line will function in your travels to Asia. You must be able to communicate with friends and family to ensure your safety. Some areas are dangerous, especially if you are backpacking your way through the continent. Getting an international service provider will keep you connected and facilitate an effective communication network. Most countries have intrinsically safe phones you can use to relay messages to your loved ones in real-time. Having a communication network is one of the crucial processes in traveling to Asia.

Think About What You Eat

Asian cuisine differs substantially from most western foods. Most countries use little saturated fats and heavily spice most of their dishes. Even the Asian foods served in many western restaurants are cheap imitations of the original cuisine. For this reason, tourists need to be careful about what they eat. If you are not a fan of overly spiced foods, stick to the basics. It is also advisable to politely ask the chef to minimize the spices used, especially if you have allergies. Tourists have a habit of sampling everything they come across. Note that there are some unusual dishes that you shouldn’t try unless you know the ingredients. As a tourist in Asia, be careful what you eat and consult before trying any Asian cuisine. Find a dining restaurant with a menu that suits your palate.

Prepare a List of Dream Activities

Asia is a dream destination for thrill seekers and fun lovers. It has a vast network of attractions and breathtaking locations. Your 3 month Asia itinerary should include all the activities you want to experience during that time. It’s also critical to note the destinations that offer these services. This region has a long list of unique destinations that should be on your preparation list before you travel. Whether hiking in Vietnam or kayaking in Laos, you need a comprehensive list of things you want to achieve before you complete the trip. Some of these activities are thousands of miles apart. This is why an itinerary is a necessary part of the preparation process.

Asia is a hub for people who want to experience the rich culture and breathtaking landscapes. It has plenty of budget options for low-cost travel and five-star locations. The best way to ensure your trip is hassle-free is to have a checklist of all the things you need and the places you want to visit. Double-check your finances, carry what you need, and know how to get around. Asia is one of the best places to meet new people and experience life to the fullest.

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