Fire Sprinkler Drawings Explained

Fire sprinkler drawings are essential in the installation of fire suppression systems on a property of any kind. There are a series of drawings that address every component of fire sprinkler installation and how each one is executed. Fire sprinkler symbols for drawings are implemented throughout this series of drawings, and we are going to learn a bit more about why these symbols and drawings are used.

Markups are handmade sketches that turn into professionally-drafted shop drawings. These shop drawings are useful for coordination between all parties.

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Permit drawings are necessary for layering qualified designs, field expertise, and information to meet safety codes and standards. Fire sprinkler installation drawings provide detail on elevation, device connections, mounting details, point-to-point diagrams, and a variety of other information.

Fire sprinkler drawings ensure smooth coordination and installation techniques. Well-drawn plans can save costs that would arise from failure to work within time constraints and installation missteps. The amount of detail put into each drawing is actually optional, though the investment put into more in-depth instructions is worth the time, energy, and costs saved in the end.

For more information on the different kinds of fire alarm drawing types, check out the video we have linked above.


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