Travel to Asia Starting to Open Back Up

Travel in Asia

With vaccination rates rising throughout Asia, many countries are finally opening their borders to international travelers. Some countries, like Singapore, have little to no quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers. With many people having put off their travel plans for the last two years, Asian travel is preparing for a bit of a mini boom in the upcoming new year.

Many airlines are preparing for an influx of travelers in Asia as family members have the opportunity to see their loved ones for the holidays. Asia-Pacific Airlines and Qantas Airways out of Australia are preparing to add more flights to the region.

Although new flights are being added and there is an expected surge of tourism in Asia during the holiday season, the uncertainty of the virus will surely keep the tourism boom in Asia from truly getting back to normal. Despite all this, airline stocks for the Asia and Pacific region are trending up. With the market responding to the potential for more tourism in Asia, the expectation is the tourism and hospitality industry will bounce back sooner rather than later.

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