How Micropigmentation Can Color Treat Vitiligo

If you enjoy traveling and exploring Asian culture, you may be interested to learn about the tattoo offerings of India. Tattoos have different meanings and uses in different cultures. One such use is for color treating vitiligo, a condition that creates miscolored splotches on the skin. People with vitiligo are often self-conscious. Different tattoo shops in India offer micropigmentation treatment that is similar to tattooing but is actually fully organic and natural.

Video Source

In this video, you will learn about micropigmentation vitiligo from one such Indian tattoo artist and watch the procedure.

As the tattoo artist colors over the vitiligo spot with the micropigmentation, you will notice the procedure seems to be similar to tattooing but is actually different. Additionally, the color will appear to be darker than the skin tone but will lighten to match the correct skin color afterward. This is a great way to perfectly cover up vitiligo patches and restore the quality of life of affected individuals. The next time you travel to Asia, check it out!


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